معرفی EMC ScaleIO 2.0

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معرفی EMC ScaleIO 2.0

معرفی EMC ScaleIO 2.0

Today EMC announce the release of the latest version of ScaleIO, version 2.0. This is a milestone for EMC and for ScaleIO software that runs on commodity hardware. The new ScaleIO comes with several new features but the update focuses on three key aspects enriched security, enhanced resiliency, and extended platform support.

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is seeing rapid growth year-over-year according to IDC. Much of this growth is for use cases that are ideal for ScaleIO. SDS gives customers on-demand, pay-as-you-grow storage. SDS customers want their application running as soon as possible, while keeping their data protected. As ScaleIO likes to say public cloud agility with private cloud resiliency. ScaleIO is massively scalable, provides compelling economics, is flexible and elastic, and as our reviews have shown, is a tremendous performer.

The updates center on the three key aspects stated above:

  • Enriched Security – Security enhancements in ScaleIO 2.0 enable customers to utilize IPv6 addresses, integrate ScaleIO with their role-based user management platforms (AD/LDAP) as well as provide more granular access for those users. Additionally, customers gain confidence knowing that the system has internal logic to validate and ensure the security of ScaleIO components.
  • Enhanced Resiliency – Data and system integrity are critical requirements for EMC customers. New resiliency features in ScaleIO 2.0 help ensure data is always available and not corrupted using in-flight checksum. In addition, new tools provide customers with expanded support options, read flash cache capabilities, as well as efficiencies when performing maintenance on ScaleIO servers.
  • Extended Platform Support – Built upon an agile infrastructure with support for many platforms, ScaleIO 2.0 provides additional support for new OS platforms and expanded OpenStack capabilities. ScaleIO 2.0 also streamlines customer operations and simplifies the user experience by expanding the functionality of ScaleIO’s active GUI.


ScaleIO 2.0 is generally available now.


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